Car Safety Tips

UPPAbaby Continues To Make Car Seat Safety & Safety Of Children A Top Priority

Try to perform activities like setting your vehicle’s route, selecting music and making cell phone calls before you begin to drive, and pull over to handle distractions like fights between children. 5. Be aware of pedestrians, bicyclists and motorcyclists. Roads aren’t just for four-wheeled motor vehicles; even in remote rural areas, there may be pedestrians and bicyclists that aren’t visible to drivers until they get too close. Always maintain safe speeds and take extra caution when going around blind curves or over hills. Be watchful for pedestrians crossing the road at intersections, especially when turning right, and give cyclists at least half a car’s width when passing. Because motorcycles don’t have seat belts, it’s all too easy for motorcycle drivers and passengers to be severely injured or killed in a crash. Motorcycle drivers should avoid the blind spots of trucks and be extra cautious of other vehicles on the road. Of course, helmets are a necessity for motorcycle drivers and passengers. Drivers of other vehicles should never pass a motorcycle too close, as a blast of air from the car can cause a motorcycle to lose stability.
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UPPAbaby is the first car seat manufacturer to aggressively test, meet and exceed these new proposed regulations and standards. Independent testing was held at an accredited lab used by NHTSA. SIP Testing Overview Side impact testing simulates a crash in which the vehicle carrying the car seat is struck on the side by another vehicle. Under the proposal, car seats would be tested in a specially designed sled test that simulates a “T-bone” crash. The new sled test simulates both the acceleration of the struck vehicle and the vehicle door crushing toward the car seat. The proposed test will use an existing 12-month old child dummy as well as a newly developed side impact dummy representing a 3-year old child (Q3s dummy). The UPPAbaby MESA Infant Car Seat, currently available, exceeds all applicable federal safety standards and proposed upgrades and recommended guidelines by NHTSA. About UPPAbaby The UPPAbaby mission is to make the smartest strollers, car seats and juvenile gear available: intuitively designed, stylish and sleek, with the features and functions new parents wantplus innovations they never knew were possible. UPPAbaby is committed to providing customer service that is as exceptional as the company’s products.
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Graco Recall Expanded to 4.2 Million Car Seats


In some cases, the backup camera simply provides a view of what is behind the car, while in other cases there are guidelines showing “safe” and “caution” areas. The most sophisticated systems also provide some warning, such as an audible tone, when a car is moving dangerously toward an object that could result in a collision. As a result, some are more helpful than others. Read More From Bankrate: Service car in warranty? All backup cameras provide far more visibility behind the car than a driver can get by turning his or her head, particularly with regard to objects that are low to the ground, such as a child’s bicycle or a dog. Read More From Bankrate: 5 new technologies for the connected car Pay attention to your backup camera and understand its limitations by looking at what appears in the screen in an area you are familiar with, such as your driveway. Regardless, you should always look behind your car before you enter it and look behind you before you start backing up, and use the rearview camera for guidance. Read this story on . Any opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author. More from ABC News
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Should You Use a Backup Camera to See Behind Your Car?

PHOTO: A rear-view mirror, paired with a backup camera, can help you back your car up safely.

GM said a heavy key ring or a jarring event, such as running off the road, could cause the ignition to slip out of position, shutting off the power and causing the air bags to fail in a crash. GM has linked 12 deaths to the defective switch. A recent review of federal crash data(PDF) commissioned by the Center for Auto Safety identified 303 deaths in GM cars with undeployed airbags. This recall has cast a spotlight on serious, chronic failures in identifying safety defects in the vehicles we drive. Further, it has exposed another example of delayed manufacturer response and reporting known problems that result in deaths and injuries to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Consumers Union, the policy and advocacy arm of Consumer Reports, has joined with a coalition of public-interest organizations in calling on Congress(PDF) to investigate the actions that could have contributed to this tragedy. Hearings are expected in the coming weeks. Crash investigations by NHTSA, government inquiries, and media reports indicate that GM might have effectively ignored the problem for nearly a decade and failed to correct it. Visit our car safety guide to learn about he latest developments in vehicle and driving safety. This serious situation reinforces our long-held position that there need to be improvements in the way safety data is collected and shared, which will eliminate barriers that limit public access to information on safety investigations.
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GM recall raises concerns about warning systems for auto safety

If food and dried liquids become trapped in the buckle, it can become difficult to unlatch, which poses a safety risk in the event of an emergency exit from the vehicle. The original recall affected harnessed boosters and convertible child-safety seats and the expansion includes more convertibles: certain model-year 2006-2014 versions of the Argos 70 Elite, Ready Ride, Step 2, My Ride 65 with Safety Surround, My Size 70, Head Wise 70 with Safety Surround, Nautilus 3-in-1, Nautilus Plus and Smart Seat with Safety Surround. Some parents may be wondering why Graco’s infant seats, with their similar harness buckle, aren’t affected. “Graco SnugRide infant car seats are excluded from this recall because they are uniquely designed to detach from their base for quick release if needed,” the company said in a statement. The manufacturer is sending affected owners buckle repair kits and has stated that consumers can continue using their child-safety seats until the kit arrives. Versions of the seats that are equipped with a square red harness release button already have the new buckle (photo above). “Graco would like to stress this does not in any way affect the performance of the car seat or the effectiveness of the buckle to restrain the child,” the company said in a statement. It also offers the following tips for the cleaning and care of the harness buckles: To clean your buckle, turn the restraint over and push the retainer through the harness strap slot. Place the buckle in a cup of warm water and gently agitate the buckle, pressing the red button several times while it is in the water. Do not submerge the harness webbing and do not use soaps or lubricants, only rinse the harness buckle with warm water. Shake out the excess water and allow the harness buckle to air dry.
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