Man Arrested In Fatal Car Crash

Saturday, March 22, 2014 Man charged in fatal car crash Staff FAIRFIELD Police have charged a man with vehicular manslaughter in the crash that killed a 78-year-old Fairfield Twp. woman. Galahad Okyere is slated to be arraigned in Fairfield Municipal Court on Wednesday for the March 14 fatal accident at Symmes and North Gilmore roads. Identifying information about Okyere, such as residency or age, was not released by police, and his case has not yet been entered into Fairfield courts online database. At around 3:18 p.m. on March 14, police say Okyere was driving a Chevrolet Trailblazer east on Symmes Road when he ran a red light. His vehicle collided with a Chevrolet Cobalt driven by Minnie Lawson traveling north on North Gilmore. Lawson was pronounced dead at the scene. The coroners office determined the cause of death was due to multiple traumatic injuries. More News
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Car crashes into wall at prime minister’s official residence

A car crashed into a wall of The Lodge in Canberra.

Photograph: Daniel Munoz/AAP A car has crashed into a concrete wall at the Lodge, the prime minister’s official residence in Canberra. The ACT Emergency Services Agency says a car hit a wall at the prime ministerial home in Canberra shortly after 8am on Saturday. Two ACT Fire and Rescue pumper vehicles and a commander are at the scene, along with Australian federal police officers, as firefighters work to stabilise the damaged wall. The motorist suffered minor injuries and was taken by ambulance to Canberra hospital. Prime minister Tony Abbott does not reside at The Lodge, which is being refurbished. Police say they are not treating the incident as suspicious “at this stage” but investigations continue. Sign up for the Guardian Today Our editors’ picks for the day’s top news and commentary delivered to your inbox each morning.
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Kris Allen on His Car Accident: “I Thought I’d Never Play Again”

It’s like you’re trying to support this thing, and also, you want this person to be proud of you. So I feel like I’ve tried to step up my game a little bit, because I want my kid to look back on the things that I’ve done and go, ‘Man, my dad was cool!'” Among the songs inspired by Oliver’s birth is “Beautiful and Wild,” which is about seeing the world “through the new eyes of a child.” The folksy ballad will be included on Kris’s still-untitled next album, which is set to come out this summer on Kris’s own label and is being produced by Charlie Peacock (Switchfoot, the Civil Wars). As for the underrated and under-promoted “Thank You Camellia,” Kris admits: “There were a lot of things that happened with that record that I would have liked to have happened better. And it just didn’t. We did the best that we could; there were things that were out of my hands. But I love that record, I really do. The first record happened so fast, and there was no continuity to it whatsoever. The second one, I felt really good about it.
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Representative Of Teen Killed In Car Crash Claims Drivers, Mitsubishi, Negligent

On June 20, 2013, Caleb William Elliott was riding with his mother, Cynthia McBride, when her car was T-boned at an intersection of South Memorial Drive and 11th street, killing Caleb at the scene.

She said a black truck, driven by Raul Bonilla, ran a red light striking the car on the passenger side. 6/20/2013 Related Story: Tulsa Police Release Name Of Teen Killed In Crash On His Birthday On Thursday, George H. Elliott, a personal representative of Caleb’s estate, filed a petition not only against the teen’s mother and the truck driver, but also Mitsubishi Motors. The petition saystheir negligence wascausein the death. In the petition, George Elliott claims that, even thoughCaleb was properly restrained in the car, he sustained fatal injuries. And that the car, designed and tested by Mitsubishi Motors, was not reasonably crash worthy or fit for accidents. The petition says the 1998 Galant failed to provide proper restraint and maintain survival space. That it lacked structural integrity in the side. That the vehicle failed to contain a side airbag, violated the principles of crash-worthiness and failed to provide adequate occupant protection. According to the petition, they were negligent in the design, manufacture, assembly, and testing of the vehicle. The petition also says McBride, the teen’s mother,failed to keep a lookout, failed to obey traffic laws and operate her vehicle safely. The petition also claims Bonilla failed to keep a lookout, didn’t obey traffic laws or operate his vehicle safely.
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