Phoenix To Host Bike, Car-seat Safety Events

What to do if you have a car that’s a lemon

Join the Conversation To find out more about Facebook commenting please read the Conversation Guidelines and FAQs Phoenix to host bike, car-seat safety events Brenda Carrasco, The Republic | 4:41 p.m. MST March 26, 2014 Certified car-seat technicians will be installing car seats and educating parents on how to help keep children as safe at a Car Seat Installation event. (Photo: Thinkstock) Story Highlights Children ages 5 through 15 can learn about the rules of the road, crosswalks, bike maintenance and possible dangers at three Bike Rodeo events Certified car-seat technicians will be installing car seats and educating parents on how to help keep children as safe at a Car Seat Installation even SHARECONNECT TWEET COMMENTEMAILMORE The city of Phoenix will be working alongside the Phoenix police and fire departments to educate the community on bike and car-seat safety at several public events on Saturday. Children ages 5 through 15 can learn about the rules of the road, crosswalks, bike maintenance and possible dangers at three Bike Rodeo events, which will include instruction on helmet safety and free helmets for those in need. Certified car-seat technicians will be installing car seats and educating parents on how to help keep children as safe at a Car Seat Installation event. Event locations and times are as follows: Bike Rodeo, 8 a.m. to 11 a.m Saturday at Sweetwater Park, 44th Street and Paradise Village Parkway. Combined Car Seat & Bike Rodeo event, 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Saturday at Cactus View Elementary, Central and Grovers avenues. Bike Rodeo, 3:30 p.m. to 6 p.m.
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YSB employee goes extra mile to help with child car seat safety

And as a bonus, more Norristown adults were found to be using seat belts after the campaign. The study, said Arbogast, proves that the key to reaching the unpersuaded is to enlist messengers respected by their communities. “As parents, we are constantly bombarded with safety information. We want to do the right thing, but it’s hard to tease it all out . . . . If you’re going to draw a line in the sand and be an enforcer parent around an issue,” she said, “this is the one.” Not that other safety concerns aren’t important, Arbogast said, but putting children in the proper car restraint is the single most powerful way to protect them from accidental death. HAVE A SAFE RIDE Protecting children during car trips requires choosing the correct restraint and using it properly. It is not enough to buy the right car seat or booster seat. You must know how to attach it to the fixed latches in the car and how to safely strap in your child. Studies have found that three out of four car seats are misused.
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Car seat

That only addresses defects affecting the safe operation of the vehicles or substantially limiting its use, Bradley Gelder, a consumer attorney with Community Legal Services of Arizona, wrote in an email to MNN. Dealers can avoid even this limited protection if they disclose in writing particular defects, and the purchaser signs a prescribed written waiver. Take detailed notes Some protections for used car buyers may provide the same coverage as a lemon law, but leave it up to the courts to decide whether the car meets the standards of a lemon to qualify for a refund or new car, according to those interviewed for this story. The Federal Trade Commissions used car rule requires dealers to post a Buyers Guide in used cars that indicate whether the car is sold as is or with a used car warranty, the percent of repair cost the dealer will cover under the warranty and a list of the major defects that can occur on used vehicles. The consumer advocates consulted for this story agree that taking detailed notes on your efforts to resolve the complaint, including conversations and repair receipts, gives you the best chance of getting what you want. Tips to resolving your dispute Here are 10 other steps Shahan advises for resolving your dispute: Check your states lemon law and the buy-back formula, including mileage deduction, to determine how much you are entitled to receive before you negotiate with the manufacturer. In some states, like Florida, it may not pay to use the lemon law because of the high mileage deduction. Make sure you comply with the factory warranty. Choose an authorized agent to complete the repairs and ensure you dont void the warranty. Contact the dealer to request the repairs. The manufacturer will have to approve all warranty work.
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Hear the Roar of BMW M4 MotoGP Safety Car

Now as the car makes its official track debut at the Qatar Grand Prix in Doha, the first video of it emerges, giving us a taste of what the M4 sounds like. As you can clearly hear, the BMW M4 MotoGP Safety Car has a mighty roar. Mind you, it is fitted with an Akrapovic exhaust system, which the standard car does not get as standard. The Safety Car also features a full host of M Performance Kits, including front and rear aprons, side skirts, and special wheels all blacked-out which is optional extra for the normal models. In terms of engine and powertrain, the BMW M4 MotoGP Safety Car is the same as the standard model, boasting a 430 horsepower turbocharged straight-six a return to form for the M3/M4 and a M-DCT transmission. You can order the road-going model with a manual gearbox if you want, but be advised that one is slower and less efficient. BMW M is proud to be part of the MotoGP success story for the 16th season running. We are delighted that the BMW M4 Coupe experienced its baptism of fire as a safety car out on the racetrack, said Thomas Schemera, Director of Sales and Marketing BMW M GmbH. Four generations of the BMW M3 have combined motorsport genes and unlimited suitability for daily use into one highly emotional overall concept. The BMW M4 Coupe is a natural progression of these fundamental ideas. We are certain that this model will set new standards with regard to the overall concept, precision and agility, he added.
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More to car seat safety than just strapping kids in

Bencun says it only takes between 30 and 45 minutes to do a car seat inspection. All that is needed is the child safety seat, the child who will be using it and the car the seat will be used in most often. As part of the inspection, Bencun checks for expiration dates on car seats, any damage, and how well the seat fits the child. A major part of the session includes hands-on education of parents and caregivers on proper use of the seats. “We actually teach them how to put the car seat in their car correctly. We don’t want to do things for them, but we want them to be able to do that without us,” she says. “And of course, if there are any issues we are always here to help.” Seats include infant seats that are forward facing only, convertible seats that are either rear or forward facing and booster seats. Bencun encourages parents to contact YSB and get their seats inspected before their baby is born. However, she has made a few visits to the hospital to make inspections prior to newborn infants coming home. It’s easier if parents call YSB before they go to the hospital, she says. Bencun estimates she inspects between five and 10 safety seats per month. The Automotive Safety Program at Riley Hospital, Parkview Huntington Hospital and United Way provide funding for the program.
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