Cellphone Use Causes Over 1 In 4 Car Accidents

Texting while driving

However, hands-free cellphone use has become a driving force in cellphone-related distractions of those behind the wheel. Studies published as early as 2009, such as a report in the Journal of Safety Research , have said that driving performance while using a hands-free phone was rarely found to be better than using handheld devices. In the full NSC report, the organization lists and rates different tasks in relation to the effect they have on a driver’s mental workload, using data collected from a cognitive study. On the cognitive distraction scale, driving and talking on a handheld phone has a 2.45 workload rating, and driving while talking on a hands-free cellphone has a 2.27 workload rating. On the same scale, using the speech-to-text application while driving has a 3.06 workload rating. According to NSC’s website , there have been an estimated 245,358 car crashes involving drivers using cellphones so far this year. One effect cellphone use has on drivers is an increased reaction time, which is similar regardless of handheld or hands-free phone use. Using data from 2011, NSC partnered with Nationwide Insurance to report the most accurate number of fatalities caused by cellphone-related vehicular accidents. National data show cellphones were involved in 350 fatal crashes in 2011. The 2014 NSC report says the percent of drivers observed manipulating handheld electronic devices increased from 0.9% in 2010 to 1.3% in 2011. The data collected on accidents and fatalities caused by cellphone use on the road is said to be under-reported due to the lack of drivers willing to admit to using their phones. So far, 12 states, D.C., Puerto Rico, Guam and the U.S.
Please see the full article at: http://www.usatoday.com/story/money/cars/2014/03/28/cellphone-use-1-in-4-car-crashes/7018505/

Car crashes into Kennett Walmart, charges pending


— A sports utility vehicle crashed into a Planet Wings storefront at Forest and Bard Avenues in West Brighton on Tuesday morning. The driver was taken by ambulance to Richmond University Medical Center. Firefighters from Ladder 79 were on the scene. Employee Maynor Gomez had just unlocked the store, turned the lights on and was three doors down at The Bagel Bin getting breakfast when the accident happened at about 10 a.m., a half-hour before Planet Wings was scheduled to open for business. Planet Winds owner James Martella said that “at least no one was hurt” inside the eatery, adding, “It could have been a lot worse.” The Starbucks and Bard Cleaners also have had cars careen through their storefronts recently. “Third time in a year,” said Martella, who was in shock as he surveyed the damage. “The parking lot is so small and narrow.” Martella and his brother, Vincent, own four Planet Wings franchises on the Island. A car went through the storefront at the Starbucks in the same strip mall in November. View/Post Comments Related Stories
Please see the full article at: http://www.silive.com/news/index.ssf/2014/04/car_crashes_through_the_window.html

Car crashes through the window at Planet Wings on Tuesday

The vehicle crashed all the way into the living room and kitchen area, there were no injuries. Tags: Report a typo March 30, 2014 (SCHERERVILLE, Ind.) (WLS) — A frightening accident happened Sunday morning in northwest Indiana when a car crashed into a basement apartment in Schererville. The vehicle crashed all the way into the living room and kitchen area. Related Content Fortunately, a mother and her 7-year-old daughter were asleep in the next room. They were not hurt, nor was the driver of the car. However, it was certainly a scary moment for the apartment’s residents and neighbors. The car was eventually towed out of the apartment. The building will now be boarded up. There’s no word on how this happened or any charges against the driver.
Please see the full article at: http://abclocal.go.com/wls/story?id=9485224

Car crashes into Schererville basement apartment

A frightening accident happened Sunday morning in northwest Indiana when a car crashed into a basement apartment in Schererville. The vehicle crashed all the way into the living room and kitchen area, there were no injuries.

[Click to enlarge] [Order this photo] A car crashed into the Kennett Walmart late Monday night and the driver is now facing charges. According to Kennett Police Chief Tim Trowbridge, the incident happened around 11 p.m. when 19-year-old Vanessa Johnson of Arkansas passed out and drove into the Walmart. Trowbridge says there were no significant injuries, but Johnson was taken to the hospital. Her condition is unknown at this time. Officials are considering charges of driving while intoxicated. The investigation remains ongoing. According to Witnesses, emergency crews responded to the scene and there may have been more injuries. We will update this story as more details become available Copyright 2014 Daily Dunklin Democrat. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Posting a comment requires free registration .
Please see the full article at: http://www.dddnews.com/story/2065849.html

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