Bizarre Auto Accident On Lincoln | Evanston Now

Tuesday, crossed the curb, careened down the parkway, took out a street lamp, crashed into a parked car, and pushed it to the end of the block at Lincolnwood Drive, about a football-field-and-a-half away. The injured driver was taken to Evanston Hospital in a fire department ambulance. Her condition was not immediately known. She was the only occupant of the vehicle. Street lamp was torn from its base and carried several hundred feet down the parkway. At first, it appeared that the auto had crashed into two street lamps, but further investigation revealed that it was only one, and that the lamp itself was dragged by the auto almost to the end of the block. The car narrowly missed a car parked on the north side of the street as it proceeded down the parkway. Tire tracks reveal the path of the vehicle, which almost hit thisparked car. The path of the vehicle was readily apparent as a result of tire tracks which were visible from 2819 Lincoln, where it crossed the curb, to the vehicles final resting spot at 2923 Lincoln. Firefighters responding to the accident hosed down the street, where gasoline had leaked from the vehicle.
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Nikon Zouyiouklis, of Valley Stream, killed in 2-car accident on Remsen Avenue in Canarsie – News 12 Brooklyn

CHAMPAIGN — Traffic was backed up after an accident Tuesday afternoon. It happened on north Prospect on the I-74 overpass. A car and SUV collided. The SUV flipped on its roof. One person was taken to the hospital; no word on the extent of the injuries. Copyright 2014 Nexstar Broadcasting, Inc. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.
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Car crash dasher tracked through license plate indent in bumper |

on Remsen Avenue, near Glenwood Road. (4/8/14) BROOKLYN – A Long Island man is dead after being pulled from a mangled car involved in a two-car wreck Tuesday morning. It happened at around 5 a.m. on Remsen Avenue, near Glenwood Road. EMS says that Nikon Zouyiouklis, 60, of Valley Stream, needed to be extricated from the backseat of one of the vehicles. He was rushed to Brookdale Hospital with head trauma, but was pronounced dead on arrival. Read More: Brooklyn Top Stories The collision also caused damage to two other cars parked on the street. It remains unclear what led to the accident. There is no word yet if the 25-year-old driver of the other car will face any charges. Be the first to rate: 0
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Accident slows traffic –

LOUIS, MO (KTVI) St. Louis County prosecutors have charged 28-year-old Derek Davison with leaving the scene of an accident, a felony. In court documents, they allege that Davison was behind the wheel of a car when he got into a three car accident on I-270 and I-64. The Missouri Highway Patrol alleges the drivers of the other two vehicles stayed at the accident scene and waited for police. However, Davison allegedly sped away. Responding officers quickly noticed that Davisons license plate from his vehicle had indented into the bumper of another car. They tracked the plate and visited Davison. He told them he was driving the car, but didnt think the damage was severe enough to warrant a police report. Police didnt buy the excuse and report the damage to the other cars was in excess of $2,000. Davison was arrested.
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