One Child Dead, 14 Hurt, As Cops Seek Driver In Hit-and-run Day Care Crash – Orlando Sentinel

Florida day care crash suspect identified as Robert Alex Corchado – CBS News

Mulhall said they were being treated for a “variety of injuries, both severe and mild.” “This was a very intense scene, a very severe scene,” Mulhall said. Said FHP Trooper Wanda Diaz of the injuries: “Some are very, very serious.” After conflicting reports for most of the day, Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children confirmed the first death about 6:45 p.m. The girl’s name was not released. One other patient was in critical condition, and five more were in serious condition, the hospital said. Another patient had been released by Wednesday evening. Meanwhile, the hunt was on for Corchado. Authorities found the Durango at a house on Orange Avenue in Winter Park its bumper left behind at the crash scene. Neighbors who milled about as troopers investigated said the SUV was one of several vehicles routinely parked outside. One nearby resident who did not want to be identified said the Durango drove up the street with a distinct clanking sound.
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Jaleel Feurtado, victim of Queens car crash that killed four, remembered as talented basketball player who dreamed of making Division I team – NY Daily News

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Former McClancy basketball player Jaleel Feurtado (in white) was one of the four people who was killed in a car accident in Astoria, Queens last week. 

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One child dead in hit-and-run crash at Orlando, Florida day care
| Reuters

Parents wait behind as police consult after several children were injured after being struck by a vehicle at a KinderCare Learning Center in Winter Park, Florida April 9, 2014. REUTERS/Stephen M. Dowell/Orlando Sentinel

His defense attorney in that case, Jack Kaleita, didn’t return a phone call or email after business hours. Department of Corrections records show Corchado has served prison time for trafficking cocaine and extortion. Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs called the crash an “absolute tragedy and disaster.” Diaz said a girl died at Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children, but she didn’t have any more details. One person at the hospital was in critical condition and five others were in serious condition, said spokeswoman Katie Dagenais. In all, 13 people were hospitalized, including the girl who died from her injuries, and two others were treated at the scene, authorities said. Eleven of the injured were children, said John Mulhall, a spokesman for the Orange County Fire Rescue. Several of the injured at the KinderCare building in Winter Park were reported to be in “very, very serious condition,” Diaz said. The day care’s website says the center provides childcare and learning opportunities for children ages 6 weeks to 12 years old and has been in the community for more than 25 years. Gov. Rick Scott released a statement saying, “As a grandfather of three young children, I can’t imagine losing such a precious life at such a young age. Today’s hit-and-run was an act of cowardice, and members of the Florida Highway Patrol are working closely with local law enforcement to bring those who caused this crash to justice.” 2014 CBS Interactive Inc. All Rights Reserved.
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Car Crashes Through Daycare, Kills One Girl, Hurts 14; Driver Escapes

Parents wait behind as police consult after several children were injured after being struck by a vehicle at a KinderCare Learning Center in Winter Park, Florida April 9, 2014. Credit: Reuters/Stephen M. Dowell/Orlando Sentinel Related Topics U.S. ORLANDO, Florida (Reuters) – One child died and a dozen people were injured in a hit-and-run crash at an Orlando-area day care center on Wednesday afternoon, according to media reports citing hospital officials. The 13 victims, mostly children, were hospitalized after a car crashed into the day care center, an official with the Florida Highway Patrol said. The condition of several of the injured victims was “very, very serious,” added highway patrol spokeswoman Cindy Williams. (Reporting by Barbara Liston; Writing by David Adams; Editing by Eric Walsh ) FILED UNDER:
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Daycare accident Witness

Most of the children injured in the daycare were brought to four different hospitals. Some of them were treated on the spot. More than three hours after the daycare incident, Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children confirmed the death of one four-year-old girl whose name was not revealed. They also confirmed one child who is currently in critical condition. The Toyota Solara, driven by 61-year-old Albert Dean Campbell was entering a driveway when he was suddenly hit by an incoming Dodge Durango, causing Campbells vehicle to barrel through the daycare nearby. Campbell emerged from his car uninjured but was in visible emotional shock. The driver of the Dodge Durango, who some witnesses believe may have caused the whole daycare disaster, sped away immediately after the crash. Local officers are currently conducting a massive manhunt for the driver, identified by local authorities as 28-year-old Robert Corchado. Witnesses say that Corchado did not spend a second to check the casualties he left behind. Police records report that Corchado has been arrested multiple times in the past since he was 18, when he was first charged with extortion.
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