Suspect Surrenders In Deadly Florida Day Care Center Car Crash | Reuters

Attorney Steve Pajcic of The Law Firm of Pajcic & Pajcic Wins Important Florida Supreme Court Case for Car Accident Victim – University Chronicle

Police launched a manhunt for Corchado after the crash on Wednesday. He is charged in an arrest warrant with leaving the scene of a crash involving death and seriously bodily injury, a felony. The warrant sets his initial bond at $100,000. Williams said Corchado was considered a fugitive and could face further charges. Corchado is believed to be the driver of a Dodge Durango SUV that triggered the crash by rear-ending another car as it slowed to turn into the day care entrance near Orlando. The second car, a Toyota Solara, jumped the curb before going through the parking lot and into the front of the KinderCare day care center, striking several children and stopping at the back of the building. Williams identified the 4-year-old girl who died as Lily Quintus of Orlando. The driver of the Durango fled the scene and was later found parked at a home.
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Based on how high up the swipe was, I’m pretty sure it had to be one of those Trophy Wife Assault Vehicles. 2013: About this time last year, a drunk driver ran a stop sign and t-boned me going at high speed on small, residential streets full of potholes. He attempted to run, by going the wrong way down a one way and side-swiping a line of parked cars. I can only hope that motherfucker is in jail for that shit. Thank goodness there were no pedestrians around. 2013 again: shortly after the damage from that one was fixed – last June, to be exact, I pulled out trying to turn left across a busy road and did not see that someone was coming. This one is fully my fault, and it totaled both cars. A three-year-old went to the hospital (but she wasn’t in a damn car seat!). I felt shitty for months, but everyone is ok. 2014: And today, I am stopped in traffic behind someone on a road where you can’t go more than 30 realistically, and someone hits me.
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What To Do After A Car Accident – Tallahassee News | ABC 27 WTXL: TallahasseeLaw.TV

A baby bottle sat next to a flannel shirt among other debris from the crash. The hood of the car had a light-pole sized dent in the front of the hood. The car caught fire after the crash and police pulled a number of the occupants out. At least one had to be cut out by firefighters, who removed a door that ended up leaning against a currency exchange. The chase started when officers in the 2500 block of West Division Street saw someone shooting from a white PT Cruiser and tried to stop it about 9:50 p.m., police said. The car took off, police pursued and the car, travelling eastbound, crashed just west of Ashland Avenue on Grand Avenue. The car’s front end hit the pole and it appeared that the back end swung around into a brick wall next to the sidewalk. Police were behind the car when it crashed. The driver, Rigoberto Llera and two female passengers and the infant child were in the car when it wrecked. Llera, of the7600 block of North Bosworth Avenue, was pronounced dead after the crash about 10:45 p.m. at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, according to the medical examiner’s office. An autopsy conducted today determined that Llrts died of multiple injuries sustained when the automobile he was driving struck a fixed object, according to the office.
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Driver Accused Of Florida Day Care Car Crash Surrenders To Authorities

Because the co-owner never took his name off the cars title, he was exposed to liability for the fatal accident that happened when the cars other owner struck and killed a man, the high court held. The opinion in Christensen v. Bowen et al. (Case No. SC12-2078) came in response to a certified question from the Fifth District Court of Appeal. This ruling is important because it opens the door to another source of financial recovery for our client, Mary Jo Bowen, the widow of Thomas Bowen, who was killed in a terrible accident, Pajcic said. But the decision reaches far beyond this case. It sets a key precedent for all car accident claims that involve vehicles with co-owners. Floridas dangerous instrumentality doctrine holds that the owner of a vehicle may be held responsible for an accident that happens when another driver causes a crash while using the vehicle with the owners knowledge and consent, according to the opinion. The dangerous instrumentality doctrine serves to ensure financial recourse to members of the public who are injured by the negligent operation of a motor vehicle by imposing strict vicarious liability on those with an identifiable property ownership interest in the vehicle, the opinion states. At issue in the Supreme Court case was whether the doctrine applied to a co-owner whose name remained on the cars title but who never drove the car and did not have access to it.
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Robert Corchado, 28, is seen in a booking photo from the Orange County Jail in Orlando, Florida taken April 10, 2014. REUTERS/Orange County Jail/Handout

Immediately after the accident, take extensive notes as to how the accident occurred, who was in the vehicles, the directions of travel, as well as anything that may have caused the accident (i.e., someone ran the light). Also take pictures at the scene of the intersection or the location of the vehicles, as well as any property damage. Additionally, note the name and address of any people who stop and say they witnessed the accident. These people may leave before the police arrive, but you can always get their testimony later to help with resolving your claim. Make sure to get the insurance information from any other individuals or vehicles involved. Get the policy number and the insurance carrier at the very least. Keep a log with a detailed list of everyone you talk to, their contact information, as well as the substance of what was discussed. Keep track of all expenses as a result of the accident.
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Police: Child injured, man, 26, killed in crash after police chase –

Police: Child injured, driver dead when car wanted for shooting crashes after police chase

“He had nowhere to go,” said Florida Highway Patrol Trooper Wanda Diaz. Police say Corchado, 28, of Winter Park, crashed his Dodge Durango into a convertible, which in turn smashed into the KinderCare building. Authorities pleaded for the suspect to give up, even as they blanketed the state searching for him. Nicole Quintus, whose daughter, Lily, was killed, joined the pleas. “Families are emotionally destroyed because of what he did,” she said in an interview with The Associated Press. The mother softly sobbed as she spoke of her daughter. She said Lily loved princesses, “Star Wars,” the TV series “Doctor Who” and ranch dressing on seemingly everything she ate even pizza and hot dogs. Lily was sitting at a table waiting for her afternoon snack when the car crashed into the building, and Nicole Quintus said a teacher called her soon after, screaming but unable to say what happened. “One minute everything was normal and the next there was an explosion and smoke and screams,” she said.
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