Florida Marine Says His Stolen Car Was Involved In Crash That Led Trio To Shoot Good Samaritan Who Came To Help: Report – Ny Daily News

South Dakota girls missing since 1971 killed in car crash, officials say | Fox News

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=GC;$q>>j(g!Z(P :.>Yuon) +eO|t|pyyKm/MA6a(4  L@ d$J-a3Z N2IG$:LOJ+/m eLE.\yo_qv ; XD^9^swgAEogMgf3qv\e@yu\”1!&3Q 54Y|r#’S bZfKxB\(zfY58}# 4[;;Kp43^PL52W’g;%TjagEpJB7I{* apm_j6)2 qm(Osg G3ipqH’oo>20sICiA\]s^ /)N TjZU+&?Mw2FQ* :&DcNmqTxi;b%R.{c,uSrPc>&3 PRqQ [ ,Q8fo@Ar.NNsgcTW|9u &d $gy~e1S Tl)][2hm’ [z Pa4=]-e9′}=LVK]K_=,3 2b;W]KHMw,  J”RW.ih)ZQE(WR\eqN^nRa>% OJ)sTt”MWtWr_0 s+J_&J^sj’q(/z$UK %} O 1HV WvlPzaj7,|s~7;ybu) IR9@My b:6c s E3H!X [h1,GcYMfz|no8*|( !3StP`.rVQI zqG’oO4″9UeYh<bJ{F6 i]VW[hi*!jvGLJV*u ,@XW 6]@ 688k%% q _#)nCsOPM7Gv1b!
Please see the full article at: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/gun-toting-florida-trio-shot-good-samaritan-marine-crash-stole-car-marine-article-1.1758352

MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell injured in car accident – The Washington Post

– Authorities say two South Dakota girls missing since 1971 died after driving into a creek on their way to a party at a nearby gravel pit. State and local officials held a news conference Tuesday afternoon in Elk Point confirming that evidence inside a 1960 Studebaker found last fall included the remains of Cheryl Miller and Pamella Jackson. The authorities also showed dozens of photographs of the Vermillion girls’ clothing, a purse and Miller’s relatively well-preserved driver’s license. The attorney general says people who saw the girls before they disappeared and other evidence indicates they had not been drinking. And mechanical tests on the car point away from foul play because it was in high gear. Record flooding followed by a drought brought the vehicle into view last fall. (Copyright 2014 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) Most Popular StoriesMost Popular Stories More>> Updated: Wednesday, April 16 2014 10:04 AM EDT2014-04-16 14:04:39 GMT A customer at a Sarasota CVS store risked his life to tackle a man who was trying to rob the pharmacy. Surveillance photo A customer at a Sarasota CVS store risked his life to tackle a man who was trying to rob the pharmacy.
Please see the full article at: http://www.wspa.com/story/25262599/car-accident-killed-girls-missing-since-1971

Fatal Accident in Middlebury

They report Raymond Widziewicz of 264 Lyman Rd., Wolcott, had drifted off the right shoulder and struck a fire hydrant, a large rock, and then a utility pole. Middlebury Fire Department extricated the driver from the vehicle. Members of the police and fire departments worked with Campion Ambulance Paramedics on the victim who had no pulse and was not breathing. Mr. Widziewicz was transported to Waterbury Hospital where he later died. CL&P responded to make the scene safe by dealing with wires there were some power outages, lasting only a short time. The Central Naugatuck Valley Regional Accident Investigation Team responded to help the Middlebury Police Department with mapping, photographs, and evidence recovery. The state Department of Transportation assisted with traffic control and a traffic pattern while police investigated. There were no other vehicles involved and the driver was the lone occupant.
Please see the full article at: http://www.voicesnews.com/articles/2014/04/16/community_news/doc534d83fe42017978815412.txt

The network didnt specify where the accident occurred. The two were transported back to the United States Lawrence to New York and Michael to Boston. They are both under the care of doctors and are expected to make a full recovery, the network said. Looking for things to do? Select one or more criteria to search Kid-friendly Get ideas ODonnell will be off the air for several weeks as he recuperates. MSNBC said Alex Wagner is scheduled to sub for him on The Last Word on Tuesday, with Ari Melber filling in Wednesday and Thursday. A political analyst, journalist, writer and producer, ODonnell has hosted The Last Word since 2010. It airs Mondays through Thursdays at 10 p.m. Eastern time. ___ Online: http://www.msnbc.com/the-last-word Copyright 2014 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.
Please see the full article at: http://www.washingtonpost.com/entertainment/tv/msnbcs-lawrence-odonnell-injured-in-car-accident/2014/04/15/d5a278d4-c49f-11e3-9ee7-02c1e10a03f0_story.html

Car Accident Killed Girls Missing Since 1971 – WSPA.com

The submerged car was found in Brule Creek in South Dakota in September 2013.

Classmates who saw the teens before they disappeared and other evidence indicated that they had not been drinking, he said. In addition, mechanical tests on the car pointed away from foul play, Jackley said. He noted that the car was in the highest gear and the headlight switch on the dashboard showed the lights were on. “It’s consistent with a car accident,” Jackley said. “To start with, the forensic pathology and anthropology reports indicate that there’s no type of injury that would be consistent with or caused by foul play or inappropriate conduct.” He said the bodies were found in the front seats, as opposed to the back seat or trunk, and that their clothing did not appear to be missing all of which points away from their deaths being caused by a crime. There is no way to know whether a blown tire might have cause a crash, but one was damaged and the tread was quite thin, he said. Family members, law enforcement and others had searched the area countless times without luck. “They were searching and they simply didn’t find it,” Jackley said. Jackson’s father, Oscar, died Sept. 18, five days before the car was found. “If you look at that obituary, it indicates one of the saddest parts of Oscar’s life is not knowing about the disappearance of his daughter Pam,” Jackley said. The girls’ disappearance was one of the initial investigations of South Dakota’s cold case unit in 2004.
Please see the full article at: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2014/04/16/cheryl-miller-pamela-jackson-were-killed-in-car-accident-authorities-say/

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