Judge Sets Bond For Suspect In Deadly Florida Day Care Car Crash | Reuters

Police continuing investigation into car accident where man died – Warwick Beacon

Prosecutors said Corchado, who previously served two terms in state prison for drug and extortion convictions, faces a potential sentence of life in prison. Corchado turned himself him on Thursday about 24 hours after the accident and he initially was held on a $100,000 bond attached to his arrest warrant. Brewer revoked the bond on Friday to give prosecutors an opportunity to show that Corchado was a flight risk, but rejected their request for a $250,000 bond and a defense attempt to have it set at $7,500. Corchado testified he has $5,000 in savings and no close relatives outside of central Florida where his wife and three children also live. Corchado will not walk free even if he is able to post the bond. On Friday, a judge agreed to a request from prosecutors in neighboring Seminole County to revoke his bond pending the drug charges, according to court records. Authorities believe Corchado was the driver of a Durango that triggered the crash on Wednesday by rear-ending another car as it slowed to turn into the daycare entrance near Orlando. The second car, a Toyota Solara, jumped the curb before traveling through the parking lot and into the front of the daycare center, striking several children and stopping at the back of the building.
Please see the full article at: http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/04/14/us-usa-florida-crash-idUSBREA3D18920140414

Florida police hunt 3 men who shot retired Marine who came to their aid following car crash  – NY Daily News

in Warwick died. The Warwick Police responded to the accident in the area of West Natick Road and Lambert Lind Highway where they found the car driven by Gincastro had left the road and hit a tree. The Traffic Divisions Accident Reconstruction Team is investigating the collision. The vehicle, which was being operated south on Lambert Lind Highway left the roadway in the vicinity of the Warwick Mall parking lot, striking several trees located on traffic islands at that location before coming to a stop. Gincastro had to be extricated from the vehicle by the Warwick Fire Department and he was transported to Kent Hospital where he was later pronounced dead. The Warwick Police Department is continuing the investigation to include whether speed and/or alcohol was a factor in the collision. Investigators are continuing their investigation. Any person with information related to the collision is asked to contact the Warwick Police Department Traffic Division at 468-4293. Attachments
Please see the full article at: http://www.warwickonline.com/stories/Police-continuing-investigation-into-car-accident-where-man-died,91615?content_class=1&town_id=1&sub_type=stories

Chandler Parsons gets in car accident outside arena, other driver asks for autograph | For The Win

Survivors of the Boston Marathon bombing send messages of hope in heart-wrenching photo series

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Please see the full article at: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/jacksonville-fla-police-hunt-3-men-shot-good-samaritan-aid-car-crash-article-1.1756962

Four-car accident kills one, injures six

The Garlic Press

Parsons, who is shooting now to see if he can go, was in car accident outside TC. Woman ran red light, hit his SUV, asked for autograph. Jonathan Feigen (@Jonathan_Feigen) April 14, 2014 Yep, she still wanted his autograph. From Houston Chronicle : A driver outside Toyota Center ran a red light and hit Parsons SUV near the entrance to the loading dock. Parsons said he and driver were not hurt, though it made him a few minutes late for treatment before shooting to see if he would be cleared to play. She said she ran a red light and it was her fault, Parsons said. She had a little car so it kind of messed up the front bumper of my car. She was OK. Asked me to sign her insurance card. Parsons wasnt hurt in the incident, and will play in tonights game.
Please see the full article at: http://ftw.usatoday.com/2014/04/chandler-parsons-car-accident-autograph/

Robert Corchado, 28, is seen in a booking photo from the Orange County Jail in Orlando, Florida taken April 10, 2014. REUTERS/Orange County Jail/Handout via Reuters

improvement project. The purpose of this project is to widen 2.5 miles of Interstate 540 to three lanes in Benton County. Prairie Grove- Portions of the Hwy. 62 bypass will see delays while crews work on construct east and west connections. This project will be completed in Mid 2014. Bella Vista Bypass- Delays are expected on Hwy. 72 due to a highway land widening project. This construction is expected to conclude in early 2014. Centerton- Delays are expected near Greenhouse Road on Hwy. 102B while crews widen nearly two miles of the highway. Huntsville- Two miles of one passing lane Hwy. 412 in carroll county is being worked on. Expect delays. River Valley: I-540- Slowdowns are frequently expected from Van Buren to Fort Smith due to an ongoing highway improvement project. Hwy.
Please see the full article at: http://5newsonline.com/2014/04/15/tuesday-traffic-and-construction-delays-3/

TRAFFIC: Accident on I-540 in Johnson Slows Traffic | 5NEWSOnline.com

She opened her eyes for a bit and the paramedic told her to relax and not move and that they were going to get her out of the car. We weren’t able to get the doors of either car open due to the severity of the crash. I am sorry, but she didn’t say anything when I was there. I am so sort for your loss….. I am beyond words at this point. Aqua lynx – April 14, 2014 12:21 pm Thankful1 … There are family members of hers reading this and you said you were there and she was still alive , as hard as this is to ask was she coherent enough to say anything ? None of us were there and I was curious if nancy was able to say anything if you want to please contact me on Facebook ( Gabrielle Ernst) Thankful1 – April 14, 2014 10:53 am I actually was right behind the 4th vehicle that hit the cars involved and flipped and ended up in the ditch-the couple from Batavia. I had just stopped in ElPaso and if I had not, I would have been involved.
Please see the full article at: http://www.pantagraph.com/news/local/four-car-accident-kills-one-injures-six/article_eca03b9f-a8cd-5a3e-91f0-ac9a3f4c4cba.html

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