Cleveland Daily Banner – Auto Accident Credited With Saving Woman S Life

Buddy Franklin interviewed by police after Rose Bay car crash

Lance Franklin

It was bubbling and getting ready to come out. And when it does it spreads all through your body and theres nothing we can do. I had waited almost too long just in the nick of time! I thought, how blessed am I! Once a year I have a CAT scan to make sure nothing has changed. Ive had one every year since, and everything has come back good. The American Cancer Society said because the pancreas is located so deep inside the body, early tumors cannot be seen or felt by health care providers during routine physical exams. Patients usually have no symptoms until the cancer has spread to other organs. Currently, there are no blood tests to find early cancers of the pancreas. The car wreck that resulted in the discovery and removal of a cancer that probably would have taken her life has Hatton thanking God for what she believes was a blessing in disguise. It has also given her a clearer, more appreciative outlook on life. Live every day to the fullest extent, Hatton said.
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Found: Army veteran’s dog, lost after car accident, has been found – Seattle Dogs |

Pups claimed, adult left behind

The driver of the vehicle, 17-year-old Charles Miller, took off, though, at a high rate of speed. The officers attempted to follow the vehicle, but lost sight after the car stirred up a high amount of dust and debris. Police continued to follow the dust trail to the I-75 service drive, where officers saw the vehicle had turned upside down and was crashed against a median wall near Campbell. Charles had lost control of the vehicle. Police went down the embankment onto the freeway and called for EMS. Charles and his two friends, 14-year-old Cynthia Elizarraras and 16-year-old Suhailia Alvarez, died from injuries sustained in the crash. Charles’ family is hoping to raise funds to help cover his funeral expenses. You can make a donation to the family here . Maurielle LueMaurielle Lue More>> Updated: Wednesday, April 23 2014 9:46 PM EDT2014-04-24 01:46:32 GMT A retired Hamtramck teacher is learning a valuable life lesson of his own now after reaching out to his former students, asking them to donate a kidney. A retired Hamtramck teacher is learning a valuable life lesson of his own now after reaching out to his former students, asking them to donate a kidney. Updated: Wednesday, April 23 2014 8:20 PM EDT2014-04-24 00:20:15 GMT Oakland County Executive L.
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Salma Hayek’s Brother’s Car Crash — Cops May Recommend Manslaughter Prosecution |

All in the name of her “Birthday” music video shoot. Not just for kicks. She wanted to go a dramatically different route on “Birthday”, she told Kimmel, because she was tired of filming such wonderful, sexual music videos. Seriously. Enough is enough with the over-the-top, sexy productions. Katy Perry Previews ‘Insane’ Music Video She said she wanted to dress in the most unappealing way possible. Perry was serious about the change in tone, sabotaging a real party dressed like a clown, attacking a dude with a pinata stick, and staging a scary car accident. The hidden camera gag was shot at Knollwood Country Club outside L.A. this month. While she revealed the stunt on Kimmel, she didn’t mention the crazy fallout . Most guests had absolutely no idea they were getting pranked by the pop star, whose getup was quite realistic, and many of the children were left in tears. One woman stormed off, she was so upset by the performance art Katy Perry subjected her to, and one little girl cried, “Mommy, I want to leave.” Wow.
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Nina was discovered by Macner and Pets for Patriots at the Humane Society of Tampa Bay (HSTB), an independent shelter not associated with the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). HSTB has a rich, century-long history and a no-kill-for-space policy for dogs unless they are truly too ill or dangerous for adoption. They will not euthanize an animal just because a dog is elderly or an empty kennel is needed. Sadly, there was a serious accident at Causeway Blvd. and U.S. 41 on April 17, 2014, when Macner, who has a right above-the-knee amputation, accidentally pressed the gas instead of the brake. His amputation was the result of what has been described as health complications after his military service ended. The metal platforms used to transform a cars pedals for amputees are actually quite easy to confuse and one can see how the accident occurred.
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Katy Perry Dresses as Clown, Causes Car Accident Filming “Insane” Music Video – The Hollywood Gossip

for manslaughter prosecution. LAPD got a search warrant — obtained by TMZ — which allowed them to root through the car Sami was driving — a 2006 Ford GT. Cops were zeroing in on a device called an RCM — restraint control module, which is like a black box for cars. Cops believe the RCM will confirm the stories of some eyewitnesses … that Sami gunned his car and lost control, which then caused him to fishtail over the center line and hit a car coming in the opposite direction. According to the search warrant, cops reveal they anticipate sending the case to the L.A. County D.A. for possible felony vehicular manslaughter prosecution. The legal docs don’t reveal the results of the RCM analysis. And, according to the search warrant, Salma and her husband OWN the car and he often drove it when they were out of town. Under California law, if the victim’s family sues, the registered owners could also be on the hook. Get TMZ Breaking News alerts to your inbox Yes! Also send me
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3 teens killed in crash during police chase – Fox 2 News Headlines

Photo: Britta Campion Franklin stated that girlfriend Jesinta Campbell’s primary concern was his well-being, and not that of her car, which Franklin was driving at the time of the accident. “The car is the last thing on Jesinta’s mind; it’s more about me,” he said. EARLIER In a spot of bother: Buddy Franklin. Photo: Getty Images Sydney Swans star recruit Lance ”Buddy” Franklin has been issued with a traffic infringement notice for negligent driving after he was involved in a car crash in Sydney’s east on Wednesday night. Franklin, 27, was driving a Jeep loaned by Jeep Australia to his girlfriend, television presenter and model Jesinta Campbell, when it was involved in the crash on New South Head Road in Rose Bay just after 7pm. Police said the driver of the Jeep, whom they did not identify, crashed into four parked cars, but a roadside breath test showed alcohol was not involved. Jesinta Campbell with her Jeep in December 2013. Photo: Rachel Murdolo A NSW Police spokeswoman on Thursday morning said a 27-year-old man had been served with a traffic infringement notice for negligent driving. He would face a fine, but would not be required to attend court.
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